Free Range All Rounder Multi Pellets

Free Range All Rounder Multi Pellets

Not all animals are created equal and neither are supplementary feeds. We strive to provide the feed that works alongside your needs and lifestyle requirements. Whether we’re talking cattle, deer, pigs, alpacas, goats or another animal, Free Range All Rounder Multi Pellets are the supplement for daily feed requirements.

When high quality pasture is in short supply, or when an increase in growth rates are needed, Free Range All Rounder Multi Pellets are especially beneficial. They are cereal-based, vegetarian and natural.


    Protein: 14.5%

    Approximate on a DM basis. Analysis may vary slightly due to grain variances beyond our control.


    • Introduce Free Range All Rounder Multi Pellets gradually to allow digestive systems to adjust to the higher starch intake.

    • Animals should always have access to a quality fibre source such as hay, chaff, pasture or silage to maintain a healthy digestive system.

    • Do not allow individual animals to over consume. When feeding a group of animals, spread a line of Free Range All Rounder Multi Pellets across the paddock to allow for easy access by all stock.

    • Always have fresh, clean water available.

    • Keep feed fresh and feeding containers clean.Suggested Feeding Rates as a Supplement:

      • Dairy & Beef: 1-4kg per day.
      • Weaner Calves: 1-2kg per day.
      • Horses: 1-3kg per day.
      • Pigs: 1-3kg per day.
      • Sheep & Goats: 200-500g per day.                                                    • Lambs & Kids: 100-300g per day.                                                      • Alpacas: 200-500g per day.                                                               • Deer: 500g-2kg per day.


    Selected from: Grain and grain by-products, various plant proteins, minerals, molasses, vegetable oils, mould inhibitor, flavours, vitamins and trace minerals.


    Being used outside their control, this product is sold on the express condition that the producers have no warranty, expressed or implied and are not responsible for damage arising out of its use, whether in accordance with its directions or not.