Organic Certified Whole Wheat

Organic Certified Whole Wheat

Meal Time Organic Certified Whole Grain Wheat is grown right here in New Zealand, often near our home base in the Manawatu. Be assured that our Organic Certified Whole Grain Wheat is grown under strictly monitored conditions for a lifestyle that is sustainable and healthy. Meal Time Organic Certified Whole Grain Wheat is the finest available, just like the rest of the Meal Time range. We have gone the extra mile and carefully screened the grain to ensure it is as clean as possible for your satisfaction and your animals’ well-being.


    Protein: 11% Approximate on a DM basis. Analysis may vary slightly due to grain variances beyond our control.


    • Suitable to be fed to all animals that can digest whole grains.

    • Feed in a controlled manner. Do not allow individual animals to over consume.

    • Always have fresh, clean water available.

    • Keep feed fresh and feeding containers clean.


    Selected from: Certified Organic Wheat.


    Being used outside their control, this product is sold on the express condition that the producers have no wa